My name is Jeffrey Annis Patterson 

I was born in Bangor, Maine.  My family has been in Maine since the early 1700’s.  I am of Scottish decent on both sides, but I am “a bit of a mongrel” as my grandfather Annis would say.

“However a great joy in my life has been sharing the Scottish side which includes the playing of the pipes, going to highland games and of course wearing of a kilt.

As most scotch/irish I have a strong independent streak.  Which helps explains why I have been appraising for 35 years.  Mind you the industry has not always been steady so I have experience in real estate sales, instructing real estate courses, general contracting, title and loan processing, independent insurance agent, and mortgage origination.  

However the evaluation real property seem to have been at the core of what I do for some time.   That’s probably because at the core it is often difficult to determine and an accurate conclusion requires a combination of mathematics and experience. 

My reports differ from my competition in that I believe the three approach to value need proper consideration and that they and the use of statistical models give you a better understand and eventually support for your conclusions.   

I can providing appraisal reports that accurately reflects the market reaction to a property’s legal and physical characteristics.   I always pride ample support for my conclusions and take pride in doing the best job I can.   

When I not working, I enjoy the outdoor sports such as hiking, watersports and exploring agriculture which includes chickens, gardens, tapping maple trees, fiddleheads and working on hogs and cattle.